Below is a list of Characters that have appeared in 12 Beast.

Eita's Team[edit | edit source]

Eita's Team
Eita Touga.jpg Unknown-1.jpeg Jawea chp-5.jpg 1411001918021.png
Eita Touga Aero Jawea Asterio
Steela avatar.png Flake.png Theta avatar.png
Steela Flake Theta

Hawkman/Harpy Clan[edit | edit source]

Hawkman/Harpy Clan
Clan Chief.jpg Keino.jpg Bodal.jpg
Clan Chief Keino Bodal

Minotaurus Clan[edit | edit source]

Minotaurus Clan
Jazzy chp-6.jpg Horseshoe chp-8.jpg
Jazzy Horseshoe

Gillman Family[edit | edit source]

Gillman Family

Werewolf Clan/Pack[edit | edit source]

Werewolf Clan/Pack

Lizard Clan[edit | edit source]

Lizard Clan
ClanChieftan1.png Shei1.png
Lizard Clan Chief Shei

Centegarde Empire[edit | edit source]

12 Divine Generals
TwelveGenerals1.png TwelveGenerals1.png TwelveGenerals1.png TwelveGenerals1.png
Dragon Boar Rat Serpent

Others[edit | edit source]

Kouki6.png Grandpa6.png
Kouki Touga Touga Elder
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