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Kouki Touga (older brother)

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Eita Touga is a high school ninja apprentice that inadvertantly founded himself on a quest to save the Autana of the world known as Live-Earth from the mysterious Gigas of the Centegarde Empire that seek to exterminate them.



Not exactly the most fearless of souls, whenever attacked by a superior attacks Eita's first strategy is to run away and survive. Though this answer is quite pragmatic given that the enemy is usually a highly advanced mech with superior capabilities while his side are armed only with medieval weaponry.

However when given the choice Eita will always choose to stay and help those who want to defend themselves.

Eita has a habit of getting himself into perverted situations without meaning to.



He should be dead from blood loss via his nose.


Eita has been learning martial arts from his grandfather since he was young. He is an exceptional ninja fighter with keen reflexes and impressive skill.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Eita has shown considerate skills in hand to hand combat making able to deflect vaious attacks from fearsome opponents like the Gigas and even defeat them.

  • Touga Style: Senzankou: Eita restrain the enemies movements and manipulating them he even makes them hit themself .
  • Touga Style: Mizuna Gidori: Eita grab a ranged weapon thrown towards him and using his gauntlet he is able to throw it back to his opponent without losing the momentum.

Expert Tactician: Through his gaming passion Eita has developed great tactical skills that made him able to lead to victory against the Gigas both the hawkmen/harpies and the minotaurs.


  • Beast Fang Gauntlet: A special gauntlet engraved with the word "Ninja" and made of Masquerade Metal, an ancient special alloy able to always maintain its shape even after heavy shock. Apparently its tecnology it's similar to that of the Gigas, making it able to absorb magic power from other beings and use it as fuel. To absorb someone magic power Eita must put his hand above the person's heart, (an excuse form him to grope his female party members) the core of a person's magical power. After combining the magic power absorbed with that of Eita the gauntlet change shape and dramatically increase its power depending on the magic power absorbed.
    • Gauntlet Forms
      • Aero form: Great speed and piercing power, makes Eita able to fly.
      • Asterio form: Metal manipulation, can turning any metal into other forms.
      • Flake form: Smoke manipulation (maybe).

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