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Minotaurs are a type of Autana that inhabits Live-Earth.


Minotaurs are a race of bovine like humanoids. They are typically half a times taller than an average sized human male, and possess a defined musculature.

Both genders have bovine legs with hoofed feet. Horns that vary in size and shape. As well as short cow tails. Their appearances are varied as they take traits from a variety of different cattle.

Male Minotaurs more closely resemble bovine than the females. Having bull heads rather than human ones. They typically have a stout, powerful build.

Female Minotaurs mostly resemble tall humans. Having only their height, legs, tail, horns and cow like ears to distinguish them from humans. The females all have highly curvaceous bodies and breasts larger than their heads.


Despite intimidating appearances the Minotaurs are far from aggressive preferring to relax and sit around peacefully than do anything. They might even come off as somewhat ditzy to others.

This attitude, however, does not mean that they won't hesitate to fight to defend themselves from danger. They arm themselves with heavy and/or long weaponry taking advantage of their size and strength.

The men are most often seen wearing either heavy armor or overalls. The women shown so far have appeared wearing Holstein-print bikinis.

Powers & Abilities[]